STUDY GUIDE for the GRADE 8 PRACTICUM TEST on Thursday, May 27

AIM: TO prepare for the NYS Science Practicum and Written Exams BY reviewing questions procedures from previous exams.
HOMEWORK: In Buckle Down, Read pages 138-144 Do “New York Science” Practice questions on pages 147-148.
CLASSWORK: What can we expect to do on the exam?
· MICROSCOPE and BUG Classification:
· Look through the microscope and describe what you see.
§ Count the legs on an insect in the microscope.
§ Measure the size of an object under the microscope.
· NOTE: Put the slide with the grid over the slide with the object/shape to measure.
§ Determine the size of a shape
· Classify and sort (plastic) bugs by observing their characteristics (how many legs, wings, mouth, etc.)
· Density:
· Find the volume and mass of a cube, and calculate its density
· Determine if it will sink or float
· Observe another cube. Given its density, determine if it will sink or float in water.
· Observe a golf ball moving down a ramp, pushing a cup.
§ Recording distance the ball pushes the cup along a measured distance
§ Graph the starting point and end point on a graph.
§ Determine if another object (ball) will move the cup further or less on the same path.
Classification of insects.
VOCABULARY: Taxonomy, dichotomous.